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K-12 Math Vocabulary
Granite School District Math Vocabulary links.

Tap Into Teem Minds
Website for teachers .

Dan Meyer's 3 Act Math Tasks
Real world problem solving.

Common Core Resources
The flip books are an awesome resource for each grade level on this page.

Math Resources: The Common Core Converstion
Great site with many links to math resources and the common core.

Math Is Fun
Math Is Fun is an interactive website filled with puzzles and games to help reinforce math skills.

The Math Forum
The Math Forum is a leading online resource for improving math learning, teaching and communication.

Education Place
Education Place has test prep practice and brain teasers for grades 1-6.

Illuminations has hundreds of online activities that help to make math come alive in the classroom and at home.

Math and Science Activity Center - Units and Measurement
This site gives background information on the Metric System as well as historical context and definitions of the base units of the Metric System.  Also found is the name and symbol of each base quantity and derived units. (Jessica Cole)

Math and Science Activity Center – Volume
At this website, you will find a list of steps that explains how to calculate the volume of an object. Students can use this interactive activity to practice their mathematical skills. (Jessica Cole, Willie Fay Thompson)

Teachers.Net – Lesson Plans
This link provides lesson plans submitted by actual teachers. All lesson plans located on this page are science related.  They are not, however, all middle school related.  But, each lesson is clearly labeled as whether or not it is senior, middle, elementary, pre-school, or advanced.  (Derek Bell)

Discovery School.com
This is a great website for teachers.  It contains a link to many lesson plans.  These lesson plans are broken down by grade level as well as by subject area.  This site also contains several other types of teaching tools such as clip art, crossword puzzles, and information about science fairs.  Also found here is a great newsletter and a custom classroom, for which you have to register. This site is worth a visit! (James Rowzee, Alicia Epps)

This is great site for teachers.  Teachers can visit this site and place their own ideas here for others to use.  You will also find lesson plans here on several different subjects spanning many grade levels.  There is also a link to a section called Power Tools, which are ideas and tips to help you save time and make teaching easier.  The best part about this site is the amount of ideas that are shared on this site.  (James Rowzee)

Common Core State Standards for Math
Download the Common Core Here

These Standards define what students should understand and be able to do in their study of mathematics.

Asking a student to understand something means asking a teacher to assess whether the student has understood it. But what does mathematical understanding look like?

One hallmark of mathematical understanding is the ability to justify, in a way appropriate to the student’s mathematical maturity, why a particular mathematical statement is true or where a mathematical rule comes from.

There is a world of difference between a student who can summon a mnemonic device to expand a product such as (a + b)(x + y) and a student who can explain where the mnemonic comes from. The student who can explain the rule understands the mathematics, and may have a better chance to succeed at a less familiar task such as expanding (a + b + c)(x + y).

Mathematical understanding and procedural skill are equally important, and both are assessable using mathematical tasks of sufficient richness.

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