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Math and Science Partnership

Math and Science Partnership

The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program is a major research and development effort that supports innovative partnerships to improve K-12 student achievement in mathematics and science.

MSP serves students and educators by emphasizing strong partnerships that tackle local needs and build grassroots support to:

  • Enhance schools’ capacity to provide challenging curricula for all students and encourage more students to succeed in advanced courses in mathematics and the sciences;

  • Increase the number, quality and diversity of mathematics and science teachers, especially in underserved areas;

  • Engage and support scientists, mathematicians, and engineers at local universities and local industries to work with K-12 educators and students;

  • Contribute to a greater understanding of how students effectively learn mathematics and science and how teacher preparation and professional development can be improved; and

  • Promote institutional and organizational change in education systems — from kindergarten through graduate school — to sustain partnerships’ promising practices and policies.

STEM Ed Initiatives:

MSP projects are expected to raise the achievement levels of all students and significantly reduce achievement gaps in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) performance of diverse student populations. MSP projects contribute to what is known in K-12 STEM education. All STEM fields supported may be involved in this work, with special encouragement to areas that are gaining increased traction at the K-12 level, such as computer science and engineering, in addition to mathematics and science. MSP projects also serve as models that have a sufficiently strong evidence/research base to improve STEM education outcomes for all students.

The ATOMS2XP Project
Math and Science Partnership
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