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Center for Educational and Training Technology

Center for Educational and Training Technology

The Center for Educational and Training Technology (CETT) was created in 1996 as a self-funded university level center to provide for the development and implementation of innovative instructional technologies and professional development focused at enhancing teaching and learning at all educational levels. CETT operates through an interdisciplinary approach involving students and faculty from across the University, K-12 schools, and professionals from state and federal agencies and corporate America. The goals and objectives of CETT are met through the efforts of the two working groups, the Professional Development Group and the Multimedia Development Group. CETT has gained a national reputation through its work in the areas of technology training, integration, assessment, and science education. CETT focuses on increasing the science, math, and technology knowledge and skills of tomorrow’s workforce by improving the teaching and learning experiences within the K-12 environment through: Research, Professional Development, Instructional Technologies, and Multimedia Development.

Visit our website at: http://www.cett.msstate.edu

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Center for Educational and Training Technology

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