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The ATOMS2XP Project

The ATOMS2XP Project

Funded from 2005-2013, the Advancing Teachers of Middle School Science (ATOMS2XP) program combined the content expertise of distinguished professors of Biological Sciences, Geosciences, and Physics, the instructional skills of exemplary secondary teachers, and the technology skills of the Center for Education and Training Technology in a program that deepened the content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and technology-integration skills of Mississippi 4th-8th grade science teachers.

ATOMS2XP had five primary goals:
(1) to assist middle school teachers in developing the in-depth science content knowledge and instructional methods necessary for increasing students' knowledge in today's 4th - 8th grade science classrooms;
(2) to increase student achievement by providing teachers with in-depth science content instruction and professional development training that link classroom practices to the National Science Education Standards (NSES), National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T), the 2010 Mississippi Science Curriculum Framework (MSCF), and the principles of the Understanding by Design model;
(3) to aid middle school science teachers in becoming highly qualified teachers as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB);
(4) to provide ongoing professional development in the content areas to participants throughout the course of the program; and
(5) to provide training to participants in effective methods of incorporating Understanding by Design and authentic assessment into instruction.

This program has concluded and is no longer being offered. Please refer to our MSP math program, IMPACT2.

The ATOMS2XP Project
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