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In-depth Mathematical Practices and Content Teacher Training (IMPACT2) combines the content expertise of distinguished professors of Math, the instructional skills of exemplary secondary teachers, and the technology skills of the Center for Technology Outreach (CTO) in a program that deepens the content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and technology-integration skills of 4th - 6th grade math teachers from across Mississippi. The goal of IMPACT2 is to increase the number of highly qualified teachers in the state and increase the academic achievement levels among the students of those teachers.

Participants will attend a two (2) week Summer Workshop, receive in-depth instruction in math content areas and develop two (2) instructional unit plans that are standards-based, use the principals of Understanding by Design (UbD), and are reflective of the knowledge gained through IMPACT2. Each participant will receive a $1000 stipend for successful completion of the project, will have the use of a laptop computer for instructional use during the program, and will receive a math resource kit. Instructional video conferences offered via MSU Extension Service's video network, participation in online discussions with peers and university experts, development and submission of lesson plans and appropriate resource materials, and on-site classroom visits by university experts will broaden participants' knowledge.

Participants can receive credit in the form of 10 continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion of the one-year program. Participants will expand the impact of IMPACT2 by providing professional development training for peer math teachers in their districts. Further sustainability of the program will be accomplished through universal availability of online resources, additional access to video conferences, and future collaborations of CTO and the school districts.

The Center for Educational and Training Technology (CTO) at Mississippi State University (MSU) has a history of K-12 curriculum materials development and training of teachers throughout the state and nation. CTOs goal has been to enhance K-12 classroom experiences for students and teachers and bring about increased student achievement. In-depth Mathematical Practices and Content Teacher Training (IMPACT2) carries on this tradition.

IMPACT2 has four primary goals:

(1) to assist middle school teachers in developing the in-depth math content knowledge and instructional methods necessary for increasing students’ achievement in today’s 4th-8th grade math classrooms through the development of a statewide Professional Learning Community;

(2) to increase teachers knowledge of CCSS Mathematical Practices and instructional strategies by providing ongoing and follow-up content and pedagogical professional development using Learning Forwards Standards of Professional Learning throughout the year taught by University Experts, K-12 master teachers, and partner organizations as part of the Professional Learning Community activities;

(3) to increase student achievement by providing teachers with training that links classroom practices to the CCSS for Mathematical Content and Practices, Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning, and the principles of Understanding by Design to guide classroom assessment.;

(4) and to provide 4th-8th grade math teachers with the opportunity to grow as professionals including recertification and/or becoming highly qualified teachers.

Participant requirements include:

  • Attendance and participation in all instructional activities;
  • Instructional unit plans and resources for developing in-depth knowledge of course content and application of that content in the classroom;
  • Participation in online discussion group;
  • Pretest and posttest of content knowledge;
  • Demonstrated application of content knowledge of each subject area in the delivery of instruction in the 4th through 8th grade math classroom; and
  • Delivery of professional development of content knowledge to other math teachers in the school or school district.

Content Experts for the (IMPACT2) Project:

Faculty and staff members from the College of Education will be assisted by CTO staff with Masters, and Doctoral degrees in math and education and also by inservice K-12 teachers with Masters and Doctoral degrees in math.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credit

Completion of the program can earn the participant 10 CEUs though Mississippi State University.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Re-C Carter , IMPACT2 Project Director, via e-mail or phone at 662.325.1685.

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